The End is MEOW ~ SFJR

Birthday gift for GoreSymphony !!

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"Alright! What adventures await me today? I’m fit enough to do anything!..except carry 20 small children up a flight of stairs but i see no reason why  would do that.."





watch me get 0 questions


let’s do this (again)

Plsss?? Again

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It seems that squrril is up to no good again..I saw him throw that book out the window. Im sure it had a good tastey story to.


…Me thinks Blaze usually has her royal staff cook for her…

Or she overdid the pyrokinesis.

Also, cute little ankle bracelet :>

agiftedglider replied to your post:At long last, I’ve finally slimmed down! The… D:<

Don’t you give me that look little mister.

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At long last, I’ve finally slimmed down! The exercise felt exhausting but i’ve met my goal!

Send me an AU to hear what that version thinks of their main verse counterpart
-an early hibernation-

Silver awakens yawning looking down wide eyed to see bones showing on his body before pinching them releising someone had just put a cloth skeleton outfit on him. “..People are still silly, is it less hot out yet?” he shouted stretching as he dressed himself for the day ahead.


Hughes Week ;;

G r i e f

Ed being his usual dork self

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Anonymous whispered: twerk

I don’t know if I want to know what that means. personal blog i cant access maybe i should come here? if you want silv back send me an ask.