Soon to be active once more, i just need time to sort things out!


Thanks Tumblr. I needed that. 

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Cool! You are a tiny alchemist just like everyone says!

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Making my blog a bit more clean


so i made a personal blog

follow me there~


Making my blog a bit more clean

so i made a personal blog

follow me there~

Anonymous whispered: ONE FIDDY


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I can’t finish it…

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Riza is not amused.


I’m crying, but not because you hurt me

not because  you have what i want

not because you make me feel insecure

not because you think you’re better than me

not because i envy you

but because I struggle, I do not have things handed to me like you do

I do not mooch of of people like you do

yes wealth is decent for me, but that does not mean I am happy

for i do suffer and I do take hard hits, I swallow pain that feels like its hell when really its nothing

but there is one thing that seperates you and I

I am not one who uses my friends for their talents

but I am one who lets them use me for confort and warmth

so keep thinking you have me son of the devil

because when the time comes you’ll realise how small you are..



With Nintendo’s recent announcement that their sales forecast for their fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 would miss their sales goals (by a lot), it seems it may be time for Nintendo to branch out and try some new things. So how about a tablet?

Justin Quinn has designed a mini tablet that he thinks would define the next generation of Nintendo’s handheld that is more powerful than the Wii-U, plays most apps, and runs legacy Nintendo hardware—a device that could potentially provide the sales needed for Nintendo to get through their current rough patch.

Here are the specs for Justin’s tablet:

  • Screen: 5.3” (1080P), resistant to cracks and smudges
  • Camera: 12mp (rear), 3mp (front)
  • CPU: 2.4ghz Quad Core
  • Storage: 16gb flash memory (2GB RAM)
  • Connectivity: Most current WiFi standards, free 4G (up to 3gb per month)
  • Price: $199

And who knows? Maybe Nintendo will see Justin’s design or Patrick Staudt’s ambitious version and produce a new handheld that redefines the company’s hardware vision.

See complete details of Justin’s design on Behance.

So I saw this..